Sunday, August 8, 2010

Greenland paddle

You have probably noticed my skinny looking paddle. I get a lot of comments about it at the lake. It's a greenland paddle. Just like the ones that the Inuits have used for hundreds of years.
Don't let those skinny blades fool you. I see a lot of big name people in the kayak world using Greenland paddles. I was stunned to see how much power you can generate with this paddle. And when you paddle against a strong wind, The blade up in the air does not catch the wind and slow you down like a wide paddle does.
People laugh when I tell them that I carved out this paddle from a 2x4 stud I bought at Home Depot for $2.05. It is too heavy if you plan to paddle for more than an hour or so. I need to carve a lighter one from Cedar.

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