Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clear coat paint job

I posted not long ago about my ugly clear coat paint job. The supermarine clear paint did not flatten out and left the deck covered with brush and roller marks. Well as it turns out, it does not look that bad in the sunlight.
Bring it indoors and it looks like crap.

I said in that post that I will sand it down and varnish the deck the old fashioned way. Well I found out that you can not varnish over this product. It has what they call long oils in the clear coat. Varnish will not stick to it.

I also found out why the clear coat did not flatten out like it was supposed to do. You must use a flattening thinner with this paint with a ratio of 10 to 15 %. Nowhere on the can does it give that information.

Now all I need is about one ounce of this thinner to redo the clear coat on the deck. I will have to buy a full quart plus pay over $20 for shipping and handling. I think I will wait until after the kayak season to sand the deck smooth and repaint again.

I have tried to show the clear coat in these photos.


  1. Lou, don,t buy any thinner! I bought a quart when I did my paint and I can give you what you need.