Friday, July 16, 2010

painting the deck

Well I have colored outside the box this time. The traditional method of finishing the wood is with marine grade varnish. It is a long hard process of putting on multiple coats of varnish and sanding between coats. Then after a year or two of use, you have to do it all over again to keep it looking good.

So my buddy Ted said that I should try a new clear paint that is supposed to be the new way to finish a wood boat. It's called Supermarine revolution 1000.

The first coat went on great and when it dried it looked perfect. Smooth as glass and a wet gloss shine. I needed to put on a second coat to get the UV protection needed for the epoxy and glass cloth underneath. The second coat did not turn out very good at all. Ted thinks that it might be the high humidity on the day that I painted. Maybe I should have painted in the basement with the AC running.

I will wait a few days for the clear coat to cure and sand it smooth again. Maybe I can get a day with low humidity to re-coat the clear again.


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